Police Misconduct Report: 9-7 to 9-11, 2015




Involving Children

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fairfax County, Virginia

The prosecutor will not seek charges in the tasing death of Natasha McKenna while in custody.

Santa Clara County, California

Three deputies were placed on leave and arrested after the jailhouse death of 31-year-old inmate Michael Tyree. The autopsy revealed the cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Garfield, New Jersey

An officer arrested was for DUI after crashing a car while he was off duty.

Columbus, Ohio

A now-former officer was indicted for stealing $90,000 in veterans’ benefits after her mother passed away.

San Francisco, California

A now-former officer was arrested for grand theft and embezzlement.

New York, New York

The City paid $57,500 to a plumber who was wrongfully arrested for carrying an illegal knife.

New Ulm, Minnesota

The police chief was arrested for domestic violence.

Charlotte County, Florida

A deputy was fired and arrested for using a law enforcement database to find information about women. He has been accused of harassment.

Mounds, Illinois

The police chief resigned after being suspended for his actions in a bar fight.

Millis, Massachusetts

An officer was fired and arrested for fabricating a story about a shootout and firing his weapon into his own cruiser that had caught fire after hitting a tree.

Corning, Arkansas

An officer was arrested on drug and database misuse charges.

Fox Lake, Illinois

The police chief resigned after he was suspended for an altercation with a suspect.

Mecklenberg, North Carolina

The officer who fatally shot Jonathan Ferrell will not face second trial after his first ended in a hung jury.

Montgomery, Alabama

An officer was arrested along with his wife for an episode of domestic violence.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elkhart County, Indiana

A patrol officer was arrested for shoplifting in Goshen.

Burlington, Vermont

An officer was arrested for domestic assault.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

An officer was suspended after assault charges were filed against him.

Norfolk, Virginia

Two officers were charged for embezzling funds from the International Brotherhood of Police.

San Mateo County, California

A now-former deputy was found guilty of child molestation. Under California law, he faces a mandatory minimum 40-year prison sentence.

Austin, Texas

A now-former officer was extradited from Indonesia to face capital murder and conspiracy charges for death of his pregnant girlfriend.

Frederick, Maryland

An officer was sentenced to two years’ unsupervised probation for a DUI crash. If she successfully completes probation, her plea and verdict will be expunged.

Gwinnett County, Georgia

A now-former major was found guilty on eight of fourteen charges related to use of office for profit, ID theft, and obstruction. He had been selling the county equipment from a private sector business both against orders and without disclosing the conflict of interest.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bexar County, Texas

A local news station released a video of a deputy-involved shooting. Deputies appear to have fatally shot Gilbert Flores when he was standing with his hands up.

Pasco, Washington

None of the three officers who fatally shot Antonio Zambrano, who had been throwing rocks at traffic but appeared to be fleeing at the time of the shooting, will face criminal charges.

Ipswich, Massachusetts

An officer was accused of stealing $11,000 from a police organization.

Honolulu, Hawaii

A now-former officer and his girlfriend were indicted on multiple counts of drug possession and distribution.

Portsmouth, Virginia

An officer was fired and charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of William Chapman. Chapman was an unarmed shoplifting suspect in a Wal-Mart parking lot. His autopsy showed he was shot in the face at a distance at which he was unlikely to have posed an imminent threat to the officer.

Lake Arthur, Louisiana

An officer was fired after a photo surfaced that shows him saluting at a KKK rally. He claims picture “taken out of context” and is suing for his job to be reinstated.

Vallejo, California

An officer was arrested for sending explicit texts and photos to a 12-year-old girl.

Columbia, South Carolina

An officer was fired and arrested after an off-duty incident in which he allegedly pistol-whipped a man and discharged his weapon.

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