Police Misconduct Report: 6-15 to 6-19, 2015




Sexual Misconduct


Involving Children

Monday, June 15, 2015

Clearwater, Minnesota

A deputy was placed on leave for entering a woman’s home while intoxicated.

Charleston County, South Carolina

A deputy was arrested for assault. Allegedly, she kneed a man in the groin for “photobombing” pictures at a party.

Bexar County, Texas

A deputy was charged with DWI.

Wilmington, Delaware

An officer was arrested for breaking into a stranger’s home. Allegedly, he was unconscious and intoxicated in his vehicle before waking up and mistakenly believing he was in front of his own house.

Aiken County, South Carolina

A deputy was arrested and fired for his role in a shooting while he was off-duty.

Tallahassee, Florida

An officer was arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The City will pay $100,000 to a woman who was punched by a police officer and dragged from her car by her hair.

Beech Grove, Indiana

An officer was placed on leave after her arrest for OWI.

Nassau County, Florida

A deputy was arrested and charged for trafficking hydrocodone.

Selmer, Tennessee

A sergeant was indicted for assaulting an arrestee while processing him.

Maui, Hawaii

An officer was arrested for DUI. He is the second Maui officer arrested for that in as many weeks.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The City will pay $490,000 to the family of a man who was fatally shot by an off-duty police officer. The now-former officer, who is serving a prison sentence for the murder, had been angered when his girlfriend’s cell got wet during water pistol fight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New York, New York

A now-former officer pled guilty to grand larceny in a ticket-fixing scandal.

Decatur County, Georgia

Three now-former deputies were convicted in covering-up a use-of-force incident and withholding evidence in the resulting case against the suspect.

Paterson, New Jersey

An officer was charged with leaving scene of fatal accident.

Kansas City, Missouri

An officer was placed on leave after domestic violence and computer tampering charges were filed against him.

Mansfield, Ohio

An officer trainee was charged with kidnapping and unlawful restraint. He was fired.

Neptune Township, New Jersey

An officer ran his ex-wife’s car off the road and then fatally shot her. Their seven-year-old child was riding in the car with her mother when she was shot. The officer was charged with murder after a standoff with police on the scene.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sacramento County, California

A now-former deputy was convicted for selling firearms purchased for law enforcement to a civilian illegally.

Monroe, Michigan

An officer was fined $850 after he pled guilty to operating while impaired, a lesser charge than DUI. He remains on leave.

Salinas, California

An officer has been removed from patrol duty after a recorded violent arrest. He struck the suspect five times with his baton.

Dade, Florida

A detective was indicted on federal charges for stealing money and other property from motorists.

Calhoun County, Colorado

A deputy was arrested for DUI.

Bibb County, Georgia

A deputy was arrested for DUI

Deschutes County, Oregon

The sheriff’s office faces a wrongful death suit and a state department of justice investigation for letting an inmate die in custody.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Omaha, Nebraska

A sergeant was arrested for DUI.

Richland County, South Carolina

A deputy was arrested for domestic violence.

Amarillo, Texas

An officer was fired after sexual assault allegation.

Dekalb County, Georgia

A now-former deputy will serve one year in prison for soliciting prostitution while on duty. He was sentenced to ten years but will have nine years suspended.

Dade, Florida

A detective was relieved of duty after being accused of stealing custom-made jewelry during a drug raid.

Jacksonville, Florida

An officer was arrested for battery and drug charges.

Seaside Park, New Jersey

An officer was arrested for sexual contact with a minor.

Sweetwater County, Wyoming

A now-former deputy pled not guilty to perjury charges related to multiple traffic stops in 2014.

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