Police Misconduct Report: 12-7 to 12-11, 2015




Sexual Misconduct

Monday, December 7, 2015

Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

A deputy was placed on leave after his arrest for home invasion.

Chicago, Illinois

An officer will not face criminal charges in shooting death of Ronald Johnson III.

Roswell, New Mexico

An officer was arrested and hospitalized after firing her gun inside her home.

Monticello, Idaho

An officer was arrested for assault.

Chicago, Illinois

The department is under federal investigation for civil rights violations and use of force. United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the DOJ will not be investigating the allegations at Homan Square.

Fallon, Missouri

A now-former detective pled guilty to stealing drugs from the evidence room.

Pike County, Ohio

A deputy was arrested for involuntary manslaughter after an accidental firearm discharge killed his neighbor.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The City will pay $250,000 to the family of Wendell Allen, who was wrongfully killed by NOPD in 2012.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Forsyth County, Florida

A deputy was arrested and suspended pending investigation.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

An officer was suspended amid sexual assault allegations. He is under criminal investigation by Fairfield Police.

Miami Beach, Florida

Officers are being investigated for fatal shooting caught on camera. The officer may have mistaken taser deployment for a gunshot.

Osceola County, Florida

A now-former deputy was acquitted for his role in a large tax fraud and ID theft scheme run from his home.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New York, New York

Two officers have been arrested for taking bribes from karaoke bars to tip off the owners about pending raids.

Knoxville, Tennessee

One officer was suspended and three others were reprimanded for improper employment off duty and subsequently mishandling illicit drugs recovered during that employment.

Marion County, Florida

A deputy was fired and a second is the subject of an internal investigation for false reporting.

Nashville, Tennessee

An officer was fired after an investigation into an officer-involved shooting.

Columbus, Montana

An officer was fired amid allegations of harassment and sexual assault.

Watervliet, New York

An officer was suspended without pay.

Richmond County, Georgia

A deputy was arrested for domestic violence.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona

Two officers, who are also a romantic couple, were arrested on domestic violence charges for intoxicated fight they had with one another.

Clarkstown, New York

An officer was arrested for domestic violence in Connecticut and has been suspended.

Laurens, South Carolina

An officer was arrested for domestic violence.

Novato, California

An officer pled not guilty to embezzling money from the police union.

Santa Clara County, California

Three deputies pled not guilty to murder for jail beating death of inmate Michael James Tyree.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Fox Lake, Illinois

A detective and two officers were suspended for a 2014 beating of a detainee and subsequent coverup.

Hidalgo County, Texas

A deputy was arrested for DWI while off duty.

Salisbury, North Carolina

An officer was fired after allegations that he drove his patrol car after drinking alcohol and committed sexual harassment.

Eunice, Louisiana

An officer was suspended for mistreating a woman at the scene of a traffic accident.

Broward County, Florida

A deputy was charged with manslaughter for the shooting death of Jermaine McBean in 2013.

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