Police Misconduct Report: 12-14 to 12-18, 2015




Sexual Misconduct


Involving Children

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lucie County, Florida

A deputy was arrested for having sex with a minor.

Grand Junction, Colorado

An officer was suspended and demoted after using a law enforcement database to investigate acquaintance.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The police union president was arrested for child abuse.

Anderson, Indiana

An officer was arrested for allegedly selling drugs while on duty to an FBI informant.

Honolulu, Hawaii

An officer is under investigation for his use of a baton on a suspect he was taking into custody.

Caraway, Arkansas

An officer was suspended for two weeks for drinking & driving. He was caught driving 91mph while off duty.

Lovington, New Mexico

An officer is off the job after his arrest for shoplifting.

Cleveland, Ohio

A detective is under investigation for improper contact with a man who has been arrested for drug trafficking.

Paradise, California

An officer shot a drunk driver emerging from his overturned car, paralyzing him. District Attorney did not press charges and said the gun accidentally fired. (Warning: graphic video)

Hidalgo County, Texas

A deputy was arrested for DWI in Austin.

Polk County, North Carolina

An officer was terminated after confessing to stealing from the evidence room.

Los Angeles County, California

Several deputies are under investigation for fatally shooting Nick Robertson, a stabbing suspect, after he was downed by rounds.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Morris County, New Jersey

An officer who was already on suspension had misconduct and DUI charges dismissed because the judge ruled he was the victim of illegal stop meant to entrap him. He remains suspended and faces criminal charges for arson and child endangerment.

Duval County, Florida

An SRO was suspended for reckless driving and administratively charged with conduct unbecoming an officer.

Duval County, Florida

An SRO was fired for breaking into the school principal’s office to retrieve her daughter’s confiscated cell phone.

Los Angeles, California

The police must pay $5,700,000 judgment to a man who was shot in the back and paralyzed by police. The department’s appeal was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Honolulu, Hawaii

A detective was arrested for abuse of a family member.

Madison County, Tennessee

A deputy was arrested for DUI and open container violations.

Las Animas, Colorado

An officer was arrested for DUI, criminal mischief, and failure to notify authorities after an accident. He resigned.

South Bend, Indiana

A now-former officer’s guilty plea for striking a handcuffed man in custody was rejected by a federal judge who was not persuaded by the officer’s allocution. The judge ordered the defendant to enter a different plea or go to trial.

Los Angeles, California

An officer was acquitted of felony assault for beating a man who was on his knees with a baton for 15 seconds.

Washington County, Oregon

A now-former deputy was charged with official misconduct, coercion, domestic assault, and domestic strangulation.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Faulkner County, Arkansas

A deputy was fired after arrest for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

Orange County, Florida

A deputy was arrested for DUI despite legal BAC and not failing field sobriety test.

Council Bluffs, Iowa

An officer will not face charges for shooting at escaped shoplifting suspect.

Austin, Texas

An officer was suspended for two months and demoted for working on his home while on the clock for security detail.

Austin, Texas

A lieutenant was fired for failing to report misconduct (the case above) and hindering the internal investigation into the incident.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bridgeport, Connecticut

An officer was suspended and demoted but not criminally charged after sexual assault allegation.

Santa Clara County, California

The County settled with the family of a man fatally shot by a deputy in 2013 for $2,000,000.

Cairo, Illinois

A now-former officer was arrested for trying to illegally purchase guns from the evidence custodian.

Starkville, Mississippi

An officer was placed on leave for improperly detaining a man and threatening him with a rifle.

Bullitt County, Kentucky

A deputy was charged with deprivation of rights for entering man’s home without consent or a warrant, injuring the man, and filing false charges against him.

Rockford, Illinois

An officer is being investigated for domestic violence.

New York, New York

An officer was arrested for child molestation.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Carrabelle, Florida

An officer was arrested for sexual battery of a minor and child pornography.

Bear Creek, Alabama

An officer was arrested for sexual abuse.

Chesterfield County, South Carolina

A now-former deputy was charged with misconduct. He allegedly paid for sex acts while he was on duty.

Cincinnati, Ohio

An officer pled guilty to driving violations after accident. He was one of three officers who had been suspended for covering up the incident.

Wrens, Georgia

An officer was arrested for having obscene contact with a child.

Bourne, Massachusetts

An officer was arrested after a bar fight.

Baltimore, Maryland

An officer was banned from circuit courts for video recording witness while in the courthouse.

Seattle, Washington

An officer was suspended one day for punching a homeless man.

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