Police Misconduct Report: 1-4 to 1-8, 2016




Sexual Misconduct


Involving Children

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shelby, Michigan

The police chief was suspended without pay for administrative violations. The Michigan State Police are investigating him for potential criminal conduct.

Harrisville, Utah

An officer was fired for sexual misconduct.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

An officer was charged with battery for repeatedly slamming a man’s head into the ground during a bar fight while off duty.

Kitsap County, Washington

A sergeant admitted to driving drunk after he was found by an officer covered in his own vomit while behind the wheel. However, no arrest was made in the case. Video footage of the incident was recently released.

Cleveland, Ohio

An officer was given a one-year suspended jail sentence for sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl he met while working at a private security. He has resigned on Monday.

Montgomery County, Tennessee

A deputy was arrested for DUI on New Year’s Eve.

Suffolk County, New York

The department was placed under federal investigation in the wake of the arrest of the now-former chief.

Palm Bay, Florida

An officer was fired for inappropriate contact with a teenaged girl on house arrest.

West Fargo, North Dakota

A school resource officer was arrested for DUI.

North Charleston, South Carolina

An officer was arrested for domestic violence.

Pinellas County, Florida

The County is investigating a deputy who shot a suspect whose hands were cuffed behind his back. The suspect is recovering.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Baltimore, Maryland

An officer was arrested after leading state police on high-speed chase.

Novato, California

An officer was charged with facilitating child pornography for exchanging lewd messages and digital files with a minor.

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

An officer was suspended for threatening a judge.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An officer was arrested for domestic violence. This is his third arrest.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Quincy, Massachusetts

A lieutenant was suspended six months for ‘double-dipping’—getting paid by two entities for same work.

Plaquemine, Louisiana

An officer was fired after his arrest for kidnapping his estranged wife.

DeKalb County, Georgia

The district attorney recommended charging an officer with a number of charges including murder and felony assault for killing Anthony Hill.

Marin County, California

A deputy was fired after he was outed as leader of a bike gang that was dangerously stunting through streets. Police couldn’t pursue the gang on high speed chases for public safety reasons.

Los Angeles County, California

The County is being sued by family of Noel Aguilar after footage was released that shows deputies fatally shooting him in the back during arrest.

Louis County, Missouri

An officer was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend while he was off duty.

Port Royal, South Carolina

An officer was fired for sexual harassment. He allegedly made sexual advances toward a woman in his patrol car.

Greene County, Missouri

A deputy was arrested for child pornography.

Washington County, Tennessee

A major was arrested on theft and forgery charges in another county.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Stockton, California

An officer was suspended for allegedly issuing a ‘revenge citation’ against a man who had been critical of police on facebook.

Florence County, South Carolina

A deputy was fired after his arrest for stealing ammunition from Wal-Mart.

New York, New York

The City settled two lawsuits concerning dragnet surveillance of Muslims. New rules for the police are among the initiatives to be implemented, per settlement terms.

Hancock County, West Virginia

A deputy was arrested for DUI while driving a drug task force vehicle.

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