Police Misconduct Report: 1-25 to 1-29, 2016




Sexual Misconduct


Involving Children

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hancock County, Indiana

A now-former deputy was arrested for misconduct for providing security for an international drug ring. His wife, also a former deputy, has been implicated but not yet criminally charged in this case.

Boston, Massachusetts

An officer was charged with sending lewd pictures to a minor via Facebook.

Prairie View, Texas

An officer was indicted for official oppression for tasing a compliant man who was on his knees outside of his home. The man is a city councilman.

Oak Grove, Kentucky

A chief and his third ranking officer have been suspended during an investigation by state drug enforcement officials.

Cleveland, Ohio

An officer pled not guilty to DUI and failure to stop. Her BAC was near twice the legal limit.

Warren County, New York

A former deputy lost a lawsuit challenging his termination for having eight on-duty traffic crashes over a period of five years.

Sonoma County, California

A deputy was denied immunity and will face a lawsuit for the wrongful death of 13-year-old Andy Lopez, whom he shot in 2013.

Nashville, Tennessee

An officer was decommissioned after her arrest for stalking a romantic ex.

Houston, Texas

An officer was one of 19 people arrested in a prostitution sting.

Dade County, Florida

A now-former officer pled guilty to federal bribery charges in a pirate towing scheme.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brimfield Township, Ohio

A now-former chief was sentenced to two years’ probation for theft, assault, unlawful restraint, and unauthorized use of a gun in connection with sexual harassment in office.

White, Georgia

A chief and one officer have been suspended. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation raided the department last Thursday amid charges of extortion.

Charleston County, South Carolina

A deputy was arrested for DUI after being found unconscious behind the wheel at an intersection.

Jackson, Mississippi

The deputy chief was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic assault.

Fostoria, Ohio

An officer was arrested for OUI.

Toledo, Ohio

An officer was arrested for OUI after an accident causing property damage.

Muscogee County, Georgia

A now-former deputy was arrested for sexually assaulting a jail inmate.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Delaware County, Oklahoma

A now-former deputy was arrested for propositioning a 13-year-old girl.

Floyd County, Georgia

A deputy was fired and arrested for stealing prescriptions from citizens while he was on duty.

Fall River, Massachusetts

The City settled a lawsuit with a man who was arrested for video recording an on-duty police officer for $72,500.

Marion County, Florida

A now-former deputy was indicted on federal civil rights charges for excessive force.

Chatham County, Georgia

A deputy who is suspected of helping jail inmates escape has been fired.

Salisbury, North Carolina

An officer was fired for harassment, misconduct, and conduct unbecoming an officer.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Los Angeles, California

After a lengthy investigation, prosecutors determined eight officers will not face criminal charges for shooting truck occupied by a grown mother and daughter 103 times during the Christopher Dorner manhunt. The mother was shot in the back but luckily survived. The daughter suffered minor injuries from debris during the shooting. The women had been delivering newspapers in the neighborhood when, according to the report, the sound of a paper hitting the pavement was mistaken for a gunshot that led to the barrage.

Seminole County, Florida

A deputy was fired and arrested for surreptitiously recording co-workers’ phone conversations.

Iberville Parish, Louisiana

A deputy was fired after domestic violence arrest.

Meeker County, Minnesota

A deputy was arrested for stealing toys from a toy drive and stealing from a county drop box for discarded drugs.

Cleveland, Ohio

An officer was arrested for domestic violence. She allegedly tried to run over a man with her car.

Livingston Parish, Louisiana

A deputy was fired and arrested for slamming the head of an inmate against a wall.

Phoenix, Arizona

A now-former officer was sentenced to 23 years in prison after accepting a plea deal for sexual conduct with underage boys he met while on the job.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

An officer was fired for misconduct. He had been named in at least two excessive force lawsuits, including one alleging he kicked a handcuffed man in his patrol car.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Cincinnati, Ohio

An officer was suspended after he was indicted for theft in office

Denver, Colorado

The police are being sued for excessive force by a man who was shoved down a flight of stairs by an officer.

Kona, Hawaii

An officer was charged with 2nd-degree assault after an altercation with a 72-year-old neighbor.

Los Angeles, California

A detective was arrested for threatening an ex-boyfriend and filing a false report

Caroline County, Virginia

A detective will not be charged with perjury and forgery despite a civil settlement related to a gang investigation.

Seattle, Washington

A now-former officer was acquitted of sexual misconduct with his ex-girlfriend’s daughter.

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